Bastion is a threat and emergency management consulting firm with a commitment to protect life and property while ensuring the survival of your organization.

Our Mission

To increase resilience within communities and corporations, to protect human life and alleviate suffering – before, during, and after emergencies.

We aim to do this by providing a world-class customer experience and working with clients to create packages that are uniquely tailored to their needs. We distinguish ourselves from competing companies by using data to identify proactive solutions, and by stewarding our customers throughout the complete process of emergency management.

Our Vision

To create a safer world, one organization at a time.

Who We Are

Bastion is a threat and management consulting firm that provides specialized solutions for our clients.  We are based in Chicago, Illinois, and we consist of dedicated professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement, military, fire, rescue, education, and healthcare.

Four of Bastion’s founders are law enforcement professionals with decades of experience in law enforcement, military, security, and emergency management. Each founder graduated with honors from the University of Chicago, earning master’s degrees in Threat and Response Management (MScTRM). All of our consultants and founders are consistently furthering their education, experience and certifications.  Our consultants currently possess numerous certifications in Emergency Management and have decades of experience in their specialized fields. We maintain advisory contact with executive level staff from FEMA, Argonne National Laboratories and other U.S. Government agencies, in addition to Emergency Management professionals from around the world.
Threat and Response Management

Four of Bastion’s founders have received a Master of Science Emergency Management degree in ‘Threat and Response Management’ from the University of Chicago. 

FEMA Certifications

All of Bastion’s consultants have numerous FEMA Certifications, but two of Bastion’s founders are FEMA Certified All Hazards Operations Section Chiefs (AH-OSC).  In a state or federal emergency with hundreds or thousands of responders, the lead decision maker would be the governor or the President of the United States. The second in command would be the Incident Commander and then there is the AH-OSC.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

By providing structured plans and strategies, an organization can limit or remove fear and allow people to carry out their daily activities at their place of employment, education, or healthcare facility in a safer and stress-free environment.


Bastion will work directly with you, your managers and your organization to plan and execute PERSONALIZED recommendations and policy tailored to your specific organization.


Bastion believes and understands how your employees are like family.  We aim to help your organization keep them safe.


Bastion’s consultants will stop at nothing to ensure the protection and safety of you, your employees and your organization.  We respond to hard questions with no-nonsense answers.  We would rather be honest than have you purchase a plan or services that you do not need.

Local, State & National

No matter the size or location of your organization, we can help. We have expertise in all fields from localized laws to nation-wide sanctions and corporate responsibility.


Bastion consultants are experts in their fields with a Global outreach.  Our founders and consultants have decades of experience in their fields, in addition to advanced education from elite schools, including The University of Chicago.  Our consultants also have hands-on technical experience with many prestigious organizations, including Argonne National Laboratory, The Sorbonne University and FEMAs Emergency Management Institute.

Our Founders

Kathleen Chigaros

Chief Executive Officer

Edwin Gorman

Executive Vice President, Client Services

Eric Huml

Executive Vice President, Project Management

Shaun Susnis

Executive Vice President, Operations

Patricia Lombard

Executive Vice President,Contracts

Monika Roszkowski

Executive Vice President, Logistics

What’s in a name?


1: a projecting part of a fortification built at an angle to the line of a wall, so as to allow defensive fire in several directions.

2: an institution, place, or person strongly defending or upholding particular principles, attitudes, or activities.

You can see our logo shows the bastions in red at the corners of the stronghold (represented by the square).

Bastion strongly defends the right of every citizen to live safely and securely.  By providing structured plans and strategies, an organization can limit or remove an attitude of fear and allow people to carry out their daily activities at their place of employment, education, or healthcare facility in a safe and stress-free environment.

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