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Risk is a part of life.
Our job is to keep you informed of it.

Risk Assessment

A Risk Assessment is a comprehensive review of a facility and the people who occupy it with an Active Shooter event (or some other type of emergency, such as a flood or power outage) in mind.  The Risk Assessment is conducted in an effort to determine how likely an Active Shooter event is to occur and if it did, how serious would the short-term and long-term consequences be for that organization.


Companies that integrate risk management across their organization are associated with higher growth.


Awareness of risk is the first step toward mitigating it. Standardized Risk Assessments begin with a thorough consultation where our staff learns about your business and the issues that concern your team. These assessments can be holistic or specialized to focus on one area of interest. We then review feedback from the consultation stage with sector-specific data to identify areas that may have been overlooked. The process ends with a detailed report, time-bound recommendations, a reassessment timeline and training to integrate solutions into all areas of your business.

Additional Services & Solutions

Active Shooter / Active Threat

Employees and clients are a company’s most valuable assets. We help you protect them.

Business Continuity

Systems break down.  We’ll help keep your running.

Cyber Security Assessment

From protection of persons to protection of facilities, we help you control access.

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Emergency Operations Planning

Systems break down. We’ll help yours keep running.

Physical Security Assessment

Physical Security is necessary to protect what is important to you.

Safety Assessment

Your employees make your business run.  We help you keep them safe.

Custom Tailored Services

If your company needs custom exercises, solutions, or training, please contact us.

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